Welcome to Moulin du Fond de Vesse

If you are planning your next European break and you are concerned about your carbon footprint, why not try a genuine 'under canvas' experience? Be aware, this is not a "glamping" holiday. We dont provide feather matresses, gas cookers and parking next to the teepee! We do have proper sanitation due to health and safety regulations and if you get fed up with cooking on an adobe wood burning stove you are welcome to dine with us at the Moulin, however, apart from that you will find no modern luxuries. This is a back to nature style holiday with no frills!
 Clients vehicles are left in the Moulin carpark and after a welcome aperitif and introduction to the team there is a 5 minute trek to the teepee site. We try to provide everything we think you will need for your stay. All you need to bring is your toothbrush and spare clothing.
During your stay we encourage you to use the sweat-lodge.
Every year we build a new lodge from willow and sweet chestnut thinnings covered with fragrant pine branches and ferns.
 Early visitors are invited to join in the build and the shamanic ritual to cleanse the lodge.
 The lodge is heated with stones chosen from our river bed by visiting children which when hot from the fire are placed in the centre of the lodge. Pails of hot water perfumed with aromatic oils are used to create the body cleansing steam.
 Will you be brave enough to try the plunge pool sourced by the stream?
Moulin du Fond de Vesse is also a very nice place to eat. Either in the cosy, beamed dining room or in the garden with the sound of the brook babbling in the background.
 Give mum the night off and treat everyone to some very imaginative dishes created by our resident chef.
 We grow most of our own vegetables organically or source them from neighbouring farms. You will see that our menu contains only seasonally available produce. When possible all our ingredients are sourced locally or from 'fair trade' producers.
 Every day you are welcome to buy our freshly baked bread and croissants, eggs from our own hens, milk from the dairy and bacon smoked in our smokehouse. The nearest supermarket is a half hour drive so to save you the bother we have a small shop that stocks the essentials.
At Moulin du Fond de Vesse you can experience a variety of natural therapies. With the cooperation of friends who live locally we can offer sessions of Ayurvedic massage, Reiki, aromatherapy massage and Shamanic drum therapy.

When the summer sun kisses our valey the stream is a welcome diversion for all the family. We have dammed a good spot and given it a sandy bottom although we do recommend everyone wears Crocs or flip-flops. The stream flows gently in the high summer months which helps to keep the temperature above 'brass monkeys'! Whatever time of year children love exploring for beasties in the rock pools.

For guests who are looking for an unforgetable holiday experience we invite you to an evening of shamanic ritual. You may dance the fire snake, learn a few Lakota tribal chants or maybe even firewalk in bare feet?
 We usually do this on your last evening combined with pig roast bbq.
During the summer the Moulin is a lively place on a Friday evening as many musical friends come to eat, drink and make wonderful music.